About Us

Our story began with an injury
Jan Hartl
After finishing school twenty years ago, our founder Jan Hartl decided to leave his native Slovakia for exotic Thailand to live, work and, above all, train Thai boxing. The demanding training gradually began to take its toll in the form of injuries and prematurely ended his dream of becoming a professional fighter. After many treatment processes, the condition improved, but it required something more. So, after arriving home in Slovakia, he decided to found Maxim Pharm in 2014, which will develop and produce high-quality nutritional supplements to support health, regeneration and to alleviate inflammatory processes in the body. After three years of development, we are launching a successful brand of nutritional supplements, fit4you® , which gradually found its supporters all over Europe, but also in distant South Korea and Japan. We have expanded our development activities to include cooperation with several world universities and development centers such as AgroBiotech and the like. This had to culminate only in international success in the form of winning first place at the SIAL INNOVATION AWARD event in Shanghai, China, where we were chosen from among the 600 best food companies in the world. As our company grew, expanded its product portfolio and offered private label to customers, we decided to enter the American market this year (2023) and offer our customers the best of our products manufactured under strict standards from quality ingredients. We know that our brand fit4you will slowly find many satisfied customers who will bring the expected benefits they deserve!
We wish you only the best!
Marek Sarmir
Marek Sarmir
Head Of Production and Development